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"I heard the ghastly screams and felt a bang to my head. All I could see now, is white bright light and an intense pain, that rushed through my vein. I went numb, with my first breath being the last. I believed it for once, but decided it cannot end this fast. So I fought with the master, fought with them gods, and here on earth I am, being the miracle of odds.

Born a premature, I was declared dead on birth, but I guess the gods had other plans. So here I am, telling my story and making the most out of life."

Hi There! My name is Shuchi Damani and I am a professional photographer, film maker, video director, editor, producer & writer and above all, I am a story teller in everything I do, a story teller through and through.

Through heartbreaks, love and life, stories have always been my escape whether it be through photography, films or writing.

Born in India: The land of mystery and diversity, and living in Toronto, Canada: The land of adventure and opportunity, I find myself meeting people from different walks of life, stories waiting to be told.


If you are one of them, let's get out there and tell your story whether it be through a whisper or a yell, with a hint of reality in your own fantasy.

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