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Love was her symbol,

joy her only cry.

I've spoilt you, she told me,

just before she stumbled dry.

What once was loved and symbolised fame,

is now, just detested and burned to flames.

She was brave, courageous, dauntless,

with the heart of a dove,

for even the sands that tried to drown her,

she'd caress and love,

after a state of wonder, they'd flip, trip and frown,

beneath her feet they'd march under,

as if to bow down.

Never have I seen her thereafter,

missing the merry smiles and beautiful laughter.

She's left no grave to pry on,

no memory stained,

How could I still be weary, while happiness is all I ever gained.



Its as bright as a shining star,

wake up, the world is ours.

through thy darkness,

beneath thy all, shallow and small, 

lies the wondrous soul.

I say we let it fly,

higher and higher, till thy endless sky.

I say together we turn the black and blue,

the rotten few,

to a canvas white, bright and all brand new.

It's about time we show them

the awesome you,

Hitler or Gandhi, it's going to be Deja vu,

So I say, why kneel and shy,

when we can heal and fly!



All that burden on shoulders wearied,

hopes and dreams all buried.

Is it too late to break these shackles of slumber, oh thee?

too late to even run free?

A million dreams is all its going to take,

for the rebel to awake.

For I'd fly beyond the bright blue sky,

wishing the land and sea goodbye.

I'd climb every mountain,

where only the sky I see,

waving at the birds that run free,

Though time feels like the sand slipping

through my fingers,

But I'd stay some more, like the sun that lingers,

only to feel the wind gushing through my hair,

while I dream without a care.

And I know he'd take an eye for an eye,

I'd shudder and shout, but give it a try.

After all that pain, more than anyone can bear,

I can finally feel, its time for us to finally heal!



They say, stay hidden, stay safe!

You don't want to be a disgrace,

While all I wanted, was to find my place.

Little did I know, I'd always be a misfit,

In this world of dimwit.

So I'd bow down with fear instead of pride,

looking like a beautiful bride.

Is this the fate I'd have to endure,

for the crime of being me,

"what is the price", I ask, for being free?

For what they can't imagine,

they cannot fathom.

For they are dark and perilous, just like a chasm.

Without a care, I'd take the dare,

Like a butterfly I'd bloom and fly into the sky.

And the time will come,

when the world will see,

and I'd get to be me.

And when they wonder, ask me who I am,

I'd shrug a little, smile a little and tell them,

From my womb to my tomb, this is ME!

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