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Into The Deep Blue Sea

I miss you dear one, you were my only,

Now I have a tainted soul, I'm all dark, black and lonely.

All those lies, lie deep within me,

It is as if we were cursed, something I didn't foresee.

It seems like forever, having heard your heartbeat,

Oh the kiss, so heavenly yet ghastly.

It hurts to know, you weren't all that into me,

while I was like a baby, headfirst into the deep blue sea.

Some may call it love, tenderness, intimacy,

But for me, it was plain magic, incantation, sorcery.

Close your eyes pretty one, and tell me what you see,

cause all I can see, is that we were never meant to be.

I felt stuck in your web of lies, not that easy to break through,

even though I managed, it's probably whats best, even for you.

I don't believe in love, I trust no guy no more,

It's not your fault baby, its just a tender heart gone sore.

Every time you'd lie, I'd look you in the eye,

as empty as ever it made me cry.

I'd see no love, no regret, no guilt whatsoever,

I guess that was it, it made me hate you forever.

It was my blues, the blacks, the reds, the green,

you turned to white, light and obscene.

I hate you for what you've done, I may never forgive you,

But my soul, that sly little thing,

no matter what, I still can't stop loving you.

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