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The Dimming Light

I walk alone, to places unknown,

Through the sands of time, with no penny or dime.

It's raining sugar candies, is what he once said,

But all we get is a loaf of rotten bread.

Hunger or thirst its a definite fight,

For a stone cold bed at the dead of the night.

Brightly shinning was a dimming light,

A hope we thought, but to our plight,

A treacherous yet chivalrous pair,

With an oh so threatening glare.

Who laughed on our misery,

Just like he spat on their grief.

A world so full of dreadful elf,

Hatred, mistrust and death itself.

Where Satan ruled and the Gods hard to find.

But he loved it anyway, after all it was his kind.

And so the brightly shinning of the light,

was nothing but a curse, our very own birth right.

Oh! The dreams of castles that shine,

And one day, I make promise, Oh thee!

One day, It'll all be mine!

Had life been much more than a dimming light,

just another dimming light!

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