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The Rebel

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

All that burden on shoulders wearied,

hopes and dreams all buried.

Is it too late to break these shackles of slumber, oh thee?

too late to even run free?

A million dreams is all its going to take,

for the rebel to awake.

For I'd fly beyond the bright blue sky,

wishing the land and sea goodbye.

I'd climb every mountain,

where only the sky I see,

waving at the birds that run free,

Though time feels like the sand slipping

through my fingers,

But I'd stay some more, like the sun that lingers,

only to feel the wind gushing through my hair,

while I dream without a care.

And I know he'd take an eye for an eye,

I'd shudder and shout, but give it a try.

After all that pain, more than anyone can bear,

I can finally feel, its time for us to finally heal!

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