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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Its as bright as a shining star,

wake up, the world is ours.

through thy darkness,

beneath thy all, shallow and small,

lies the wondrous soul.

I say we let it fly,

higher and higher, till thy endless sky.

I say together we turn the black and blue,

the rotten few,

to a canvas white, bright and all brand new.

It's about time we show them

the awesome you,

Hitler or Gandhi, it's going to be Deja vu,

So I say, why kneel and shy,

when we can heal and fly!

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They say, stay hidden, stay safe!

You don't want to be a disgrace,

While all I wanted, was to find my place.

Little did I know, I'd always be a misfit,

In this world of dimwit.

So I'd bow down with fear instead of pride,

looking like a beautiful bride.

Is this the fate I'd have to endure,

for the crime of being me,

"what is the price", I ask, for being free?

For what they can't imagine,

they cannot fathom.

For they are dark and perilous, just like a chasm.

Without a care, I'd take the dare,

Like a butterfly I'd bloom and fly into the sky.

And the time will come,

when the world will see,

and I'd get to be me.

And when they wonder, ask me who I am,

I'd shrug a little, smile a little and tell them,

From my womb to my tomb, this is ME!

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"I should live life as it comes,


I should plan my life to the T."

Aren't we all so confused, there are so many contradictory messages out there.

I guess at the end of the day, all you got to do is dull down those voices

and look inside, deep inside.

And when you do, you'll know just what to do.

It may not be the right thing, but it may be exactly what you need at the moment.

Because, not everything in life needs to be planned, as sometimes, you just have to let it go, free fall and let the universe catch you. (No safety gear here)

But let's face it, the universe is not always going to catch you,

Yes, it will catch you at times, but it will also make sure you fall,

because when you fall, you learn.

It's like how a baby, despite of knowing that he may fall, attempts to take his first steps. And at times, he falls, but otherwise, he's always got his mom / dad to catch him, and bring him back to safety.

But we all know, that we've learnt how to walk not because we've been caught,

but because we fell and knocked ourselves down, and then got back up

and gave it another shot.

So let's be prepared for what is to come in life,

but let's also keep some room for adventure.

And that's exactly how I'm going to live it!

A little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice and sometimes, I'd roll the dice.

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